Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

Christian Discipleship is so much more than attending worship on Sunday. Our Wesleyan heritage shows us that we need to keep growing as Christians, so that we can truly be the presence of Christ in the world. In order to do that, we observe the practices of both Piety and Mercy. Each of these has a private and a public component.

Acts of Piety are personal prayer and daily devotions, journaling and fasting, (private); and corporate public worship. Acts of Mercy are works of compassion and social justice, serving and protecting the marginalized.

To assist us in this progress, it is essential that we take advantage of Bible study, classes regarding human issues, and classes that teach us how to serve in our own church, such as Lay Servant classes; that we be willing to serve when called for committee work, “hands on” work, visitation ministry, and wherever we are needed.

It is in the faithful doing of these disciplines that we grow as Christians, integrating each of these components into our ordinary daily lives, thus becoming viable examples of Christ in the world today. In this way we can both make and mature disciples Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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